Wyoming Shrine Bowl - 2021 Game

2020 South Roster

Teagan Elliott, Big Piney
Boe Clayson, Burns
Ben Banville, Burns
Kaden Lakin, Burns
Dawson Macleary, Cheyenne Central
Chance Aumiller
Randel (ox) Schroeder
Christian Anderton
Garrett King, Cokeville
AJ Yeaman, Douglas
Edel Diaz-Jaime, Douglas
Cooper Gamble, Douglas
Payton Tucker, Green River
Thomas Harvey, Green River
Connor McGraw, Hanna/ Elk Mountain
Shane McGraw, Hanna/ Elk Mountain
Riggen Myers, Little Snake River
Hagen Lamoreaux, Lyman
Braeden Walk, Mountain View
Kimball Madsen, Mountain View
Hunter Gorss, Mountain View
Briggin Bluemel, Mountain View
Breckin Barnes, Mountain View
Damien Molzahn, Niobrara County
Kyle Thurin, Pine Bluffs
Brian Steger, Pine Bluffs
Kadin Forney, Rawlins
Connor Mendez, Rawlins
Randon Gresham, Rock Springs
Justis Reese, Rock Springs
Carson Tyler, Rock Springs
Chase Merrell, Star Valley
Dean Shaw, Star Valley
RJ Cazier, Star Valley
Branden McDonald, Star Valley
Corbin Harris, Torrington
Game Alternates are
Bryan Pluid, Big Piney
Aiden Montoya, Big Piney
Cody Pinkerton, Douglas
Janson Adair, Laramie
Karter Evans, Little Snake River
Wyatt Duncan, Little Snake River
Chase Petty, Rock Springs
Hazen Erickson, Star Valley
James Erickson, Star Valley
Bryson Jenkins, Star Valley
Trent Clark, Star Valley
Janson Adair, Laramie
Kobey Preuit, Wheatland

Coach and Staff

• Paul Garcia- Cheyenne East (4-A)
• Wes Gamble- Douglas (3-A)
• Michael Collins- Mountain View (2-A)
• Will Gray- Pine Bluffs (1-A)
• Trip Applequist- Farson (6-Man)

South Team Student Manager is Jesus Sanchez from Cheyenne East; and Student Trainer is Dini Haberman from Douglas.

South Team Adult Athletic Trainer is Paige Nolan from Riverton.

The Wyoming Shrine Bowl Board of Directors is excited to work with these athletes and staff. The commitment expressed by all 2020 participants is unsurpassed and we are looking forward to an incredible event this year.

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