Board of Directors

Executive Director John Cundall Non-Voting Position
Doug Doherty
Korein Shriners
1st Rob Schwartz Kalif Shriners
2nd John Bouzis Korein Shriners
Board Members
Kelly Zimmerschied Kalif Shriners
Kevin Smith Kalif Shriners
Stan Bohnsack Kalif Shriners
John Engstrom Korein Shriners
Steve Schlenker Kalif Shriners
Pete Bravo Korein Shriners
Secretary Bill Biggs Korein Shriners
Treasurer Frank Selby Korein Shriners
Director of Football Operations John Bouzis Korein Shriners
Ex-Officio Member Warren Pearson Kalif Temple
Associate Members
Mike Reed Potentate, Korein Shriners
Roger Smith Chief Rabban, Kalif Shriners
Stan Bohnsack Asst. Rabban, Kalif Shriners
Todd Bennett Chief Rabban, Korein Shriners
Gordon Mickelson Asst. Rabban, Korein Shriners

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