Wyoming Shrine Bowl - 2021 Game

General Rules for the Wyoming Shrine Bowl

A. Seven game officials will be used.

B. The Executive Director will select the game officials.

C. High School rules will be used with the exception of Rules ‘H’, ‘K’, ‘L’ & ‘M’ found below.

D. Each team can use either an odd or an even front. If an odd 5 – 2 front is used, the Offensive Guards must be left uncovered (except for unbalanced lines) and no lineman may drop off in a ‘Overhang’ position to adjust for strong/weak sets or for coverage adjustments. If an even front is used, coaches must declare the technique used by the four down lineman (they either play a shade or a head – up technique) and they must align this way every snap. Lines may stunt, slant and play gaps in either front, however, no stunting/blitzing may be employed by anyone playing off of the LOS or lined up outside of the TE – TE ‘Box’. A maximum of five players may rush as long as they are on the LOS and in the TE – TE ‘Box’ at the snap of the ball. Coaches must declare what defensive fronts they are using on the Monday preceding the game. Multiple coverage schemes can be used with either front. See part ‘G’ for Goal – Line adjustments.

E. No stunting or blitzing will be allowed by anyone playing off of the LOS or outside the TE – TE ‘Box’.

F. The head coaches of each respective team must exchange prior to the game, the formations that will used during the game. They will exchange these formations on the Monday prior to the game.

G. A team may use a Goal – Line Defensive package when the offensive team reaches their 15 yard line. The Goal – Line package may not be used at any other time. Stunting and blitzing by all personnel may be used in this Goal – Line package. This defense will also be exchanged on the Monday prior to the game.

H. The ball may be run out of the end zone on scrimmage kicks (punts / FG attempts) and free kicks (kick offs).

I. If a team is behind by 14 or more points at anytime during the game, they may elect to receive or kick the ball after a score.

J. Failure to comply with the above game rules will result in an ‘Unsportsmanlike Penalty’ and result in a 15 yard mark off.

K. NCAA overtime rules will be used if the game is tied at the end of regulation.

L. 15 minute quarters will be used for each quarter.

M. A ‘Two Minute Warning’ officials time out will be taken with two minutes remaining in the game.

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